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Port of New Orleans Lawyer

The Port of New Orleans is the major river port along the Lower Mississippi River and near the Intracoastal Canal System. It is a deep river port served by six railroad lines including BNSF, CN , CSX Intermodal, Norfolk Southern Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, Kansas City Southern Lines and one local transportation rail line 26 miles long called the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad System. The Port of New Orleans handle many types of cargo including: coal, steel, oil, manufactured goods, grains and ocean containers and the port has many major cruise ships loading and unloading over 700,000 cruise ship passengers yearly. The port is equipped with heavy cranes, toploaders, sideloader, container cranes, trucking facilities and docks and 100’s of acres for trucks, trailers, raillines, bulk cargo and container storage.

Besides large ocean going cargo ships and passenger vessels, the tug and towboat traffic at the Port is busy handling over 50,000 barges per year as well. New Orleans also has another terminal and docks known as the Port of South Louisiana which handled 3 times more cargo and tonnage than the Port of New Orleans.

Barge Lines in Ports of New Orleans

As stated above the barge lines operating in the NOLO area are vast. They include Progressive Barge Line, LLC, Marquette Transportation Co., Marine Transportation and Towing Canal Barge Co., Blessey Marine Services, Inc., Dixie Marine, Harvey Gulf International Marine, C.F. Bean, AEP River Operations Crescent Towing, American Commercial Lines LLC , Guidry Brothers Towing Co., Tidewater Marine, Dixie Marine, Carline Management Company, Wood Dredging Company, Bean, Ingram Barge Company, Bisso Towboat Company, C & J Barge & Crane, Weeks Marine, Kirby Inland Marine, LeBeouf Bros. Towing, M&P Barge Co. , Florida Marine Transporters, Inc. and Coastal Marine Contractors, Inc.

River & Maritime Injury Lawsuits

Due to the very busy nature of this river system, port and docks often many serious injuries happen due to the negligence of co-workers, employers, ship and vessel companies, crane operators, and dock workers. If you become a victim of such negligent conduct you may have a right to file a legal action or lawsuit to recover for your injuries, losses and other damages. Whether you were working for a tug or tow boat company, cargo ship, freighter, fishing vessel, salvage or construction ship or barge, dredge, jackup rig, pipe lay barge or any other type of support vessel or ship, then your legal rights probably fall under the Jones Act. Other type of injuries on the docks loading or off-loading ships and cargo likely are covered by workers comp or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).

Inland Waterway & River Accident Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt on a ship, barge or vessel or on the docks, we are here to talk and help advise you of your legal options under the law. Talk to a maritime injury lawyer for free. Mr. Willis is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer in Texas with over 30 years of experience in handling accident cases on waterways, rivers all over the nation. Call for a Free Consultation at 1-800-883-9858 or tell us what happened online if your prefer.