Paducah-McCracken Riverport Accident & Injury Lawyer

Barge Lawyer

At the confluence of the Ohio and Tennesse Rivers is a major shipping and barge terminal known as the Paducah-McCracken Riverport. It is the only riverport and terminal at the confluence of the, the Ohio River, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway and the Cumberland River, the Paducah-McCracken Riverport is less than 50 miles from the Mississippi River. It has crane, rail and truck service and is the nation’s most northern ice-free river port facility.

The location is ideal as it is centrally located for superior distribution with direct connections to the heartland of the United. This river port offers cargo handling, crane, bagging, storage and warehousing of bulk cargo, lumber, feed & seeds, petroleum products, sand, steel rolls and beams, pulpwood, coal gravels and SeaLand type of ocean going containers.

The Paducah Riverports has eighteen different barge and towboat companies providing service along the Paducah Riverfront including:

  • Ingram Barge Co.
  • Kirby Inland Marine
  • Bluegrass Marine
  • Hunter Marine
  • Excell Marine Corporation
  • James Marine
  • Luhr Brothers
  • Marquette Marine Transportation
  • American Commercial Lines

Barge & Tugboat Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in the Paducah-McCracken Riverport area or along any river or waterway on a tug, towboat, barge, dredge, crane, ferry, recreational or pleasure boat, then you may have rights to file a injury lawsuit under the Jones Act or under the General Maritime Law. Both sets of maritime laws can provide you with legal rights to collect money for your injuries and damages that you have suffered while working on a ship or vessel.

If you were hurt onshore loading or unloading cargo then other laws such as worker’s compensation and The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) also provide you protection and legal rights for your injuries and losses. Due to the often confusing laws and facts that exist in many cases, it is critical that you contact an experienced maritime lawyer to assist you. Don’t let your employer or the insurance company representative decide what set of laws apply to you and your injury. Many times the path they choose and the medical doctors that they send you to are not on your side, nor do they have your best interest at heart.

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