Hearing Loss from a Maritime Accident

There are too many dangers faced by maritime workers to even count. Every day on the job for a seaman is a day at risk. One of the less publicized injuries suffered by seamen is hearing loss. Loud noises, especially in the engine room, can result in serious, or even permanent loss of hearing. If your hearing has been affected from working on a vessel, you may be entitled to compensation.

Various laws exist that protect maritime workers, including the Jones Act. Under the Jones Act, an injured seaman can pursue compensation for injuries and may be able to file an action against the vessel owner if negligence was involved in the injury. Also, a vessel that is considered unseaworthy could entitle the injured maritime worker to compensation.

Hearing loss that results from maritime work can often be avoided. The use of hearing protection or personal protective equipment can help prevent hearing loss or other damage to the hearing, such as buzzing in the ear. Employers are responsible for keeping their employees safe, under the law.

If you have suffered hearing problems or hearing loss from a maritime accident or from your work aboard a vessel, you should contact a maritime attorney at our law firm. There are deadlines as to when you can file your claim, so you shouldn’t wait long to contact a maritime injury lawyer.