Factors in an Offshore Helicopter Accident

Offshore oil drilling is an essential part of the economy in the United States. These platforms and rigs are located offshore, frequently in the Gulf of Mexico and other locations. Since it would take too long to travel to these destinations via boat, helicopters are commonly used.

Helicopters are the main mode of transportation for oil rig workers and are often utilized for delivery of emergency equipment or parts. Helicopters are also used to take injured maritime workers to hospitals and other medical facilities for emergency treatment. Unfortunately, helicopters have been known to crash and cause serious injuries and death. If you have been injured in an offshore helicopter accident, you do have legal rights.

Helicopters are complex and many things can go wrong, leading to a tragic accident. Some of the factors that have been linked to maritime helicopter crashes include:

  • Negligence by the helicopter owner
  • Inadequate ground mechanics
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Excessive loads
  • Poor maintenance
  • Excessive hours on the engine or other parts
  • Negligent operation
  • Manufacturing defect

Manufacturers are often to blame for offshore helicopter crashes when there was a design flaw, manufacturing defect, breach of warranty or failure to warn of a known danger. Depending on the cause of the accident, multiple defendants may be held liable.

When it comes to injuries caused by an offshore helicopter crash, General Maritime Law, the Jones Act and other laws come in to play. If you have been injured in an offshore helicopter crash or have lost a loved one in such an incident, you need to contact an experienced Houston maritime attorney who can explain your legal rights. There are deadlines as to when you can file your claim, so it is important to get started right away. Contact our law firm today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The legal consultation is free and confidential.