Causes of Offshore Helicopter Crashes

Helicopters are used to transport offshore oil rig workers to and from the job site and to carry equipment and parts. When a helicopter crashes, the outcome is usually catastrophic. Last year, a helicopter crashed in the Gulf of Mexico as it carried oil platform workers. Five men died in the offshore helicopter accident. The crash prompted a lawsuit against Rotorcraft Leasing Co., LLC and Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

There are many known causes of helicopter accidents, including helicopter owner negligence, poor weather conditions, inadequate ground mechanics, excessive loads, poor maintenance and manufacturing defects. Helicopters are complex machines and many things can go wrong.

If negligence was involved in the helicopter accident, the company or person who was negligent may be held accountable. In the case of a defective part or design flaw, the manufacturer of the helicopter may be liable.

Helicopter accident cases are complex. If you or a loved one has been injured in a maritime helicopter accident, you may be able to pursue compensation. You need to contact an experienced maritime attorney who will explain your legal rights. Contact our law firm today to discuss your legal options.