Offshore Drowning Cases

Working on the open seas and in navigable rivers and waterways can be dangerous. Every year, there are stories of offshore workers killed while performing their job duties.

Drowning at sea is a serious risk to seamen, which is why the law provides legal rights to the surviving family members of drowning victims. Numerous injuries and deaths occur when seamen are trying to go to-and-fro the vessel to the dock or crossing over vessel to vessel. Maritime law requires that crewmembers, officers and the Captain have safe access to and from the vessel and when this law is violated, the vessel owner can be held liable.

A vessel owner can also be held liable for a drowning death if the ship did not have a survival suit, life raft or other survival craft or if these life saving devices failed. Any of these situations could constitute a claim of unseaworthiness and the family may be able to recover compensation. Even though monetary compensation does not replace a loved one, it can help contribute to the costs of taking care of the family and household.

If you have lost a family member due to a drowning at sea, you should contact a maritime attorney who can help you determine who was liable and the compensation available. Contact our law firm today for legal advice.