A Maritime Accident Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries

Working aboard a vessel on the high seas comes with many dangers. Everyday, seamen are exposed to hazards from heavy equipment, tackle, defective machinery, slippery decks, unpredictable waters and severe weather conditions. There are many types of maritime injuries that can occur offshore, including serious eye injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered an eye injury as the result of a maritime accident, you need to be aware of your legal rights and should contact an experienced Jones Act lawyer.

Eye injuries are especially devastating, as they can lead to permanent blindness. This type of injury can be life changing and may affect your livelihood if you are not able to return to work due to your condition.

An eye injury sustained on a vessel can occur in two different ways. Physical eye injuries happen when an object enters the eye, such as glass or metal pieces. Chemical eye injuries occur when you are exposed to chemical fumes or if a chemical enters your eye. A chemical injury can result from working near these compounds without the proper safety goggles or from chemical cargo that was not properly contained.

Depending on the circumstances of your maritime injury, you may be able to hold the vessel owner responsible. If you are considered to be a seaman, you may be eligible to file a Jones Act claim, if negligence caused your maritime accident. A successful Jones Act case could entitle you to a substantial amount of financial compensation, which could include damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, past and future medical expenses, past and future lost income and disfigurement.

Contact a Jones Act attorney today. There is a deadline as to when you can file your claim, so you do not want to delay in pursuing legal advice.