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Maritime Injury Attorney

Willis Law Firm headquartered in Houston, Texas represents injured maritime workers that were hurt while working on fishing boats, jack-up rigs, barges, towboats, rigs supply boats whether offshore, on rivers or canals. Willis is an experienced maritime injury attorney practicing over 30 years and is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Attorney certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Willis is ready to help you with any maritime injury claim or lawsuit. Attorney David P. Willis can help you secure your needed medical treatment (cure) and daily compensation (maintenance). Under the Jones Act, your employer may also owe you for the remaining wages from your contracted voyage along with future wages, pain and suffering, and other personal injury benefits and remedies under the Jones Act and other Maritime laws. We can help fight for you on that front as well.

Dangers of Dealing with the Maritime Insurance Adjuster or Employer

After one is injured and at the mercy of the employer and its insurance company, the worker is often told that he is required to give a recorded or sworn statement to the employer or its insurance adjuster or investigator. If this is being told to you then you need to talk to an attorney immediately and learn the facts about sworn statements. Another trick the insurance company will attempt is for you to tell them a dollar figure or a range that you would be willing to settle your injury claim. This also can be dangerous as soon as you name that figure, they will start to negotiate down and rarely tell you that may be entitled to many future damages as well. Sometimes the maritime employer or adjuster will brow beat you and tell you that you need to be a team player and be willing to take less, if you want to keep your job. Again, many injured maritime workers fallen for this trick. Often the insurance company will hire a rehab nurse to “help you” obtain medical benefits and make doctor’s appointments. Often they will get you to sign a very broad HIPAA form allowing them full access to write, call, text, email and even visit in person with your treating Doctors without your knowledge. Some rehabilitation nurses will even try and attend doctors visits with you and invade your privacy in an attempt to influence the Doctors and get your treatment changed or often shortened. You do not have to allow this to occur and if it has started, we can stop it immediately for you. Remember these guys negotiate for a living, they are pros, you are not. Let us help take the guess work out of it for you. Call us 24/7 on our Toll Free # 1-800-883-9858 and talk with an attorney today.

Location of Your Maritime Accident Does Matter

We can help you on any type of work related injury whether it happened on a river, offshore, or in the middle of the ocean. We can assist you on maritime accidents where you were injured in:

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Mississippi River
  • Tennessee River
  • Missouri River
  • Kentucky River
  • Ohio River
  • Great Lakes
  • Offshore Alaska
  • Intracoastal Waterway
  • North Sea
  • Offshore Mexico (limited to US based defendants or other specific type entities)
  • Offshore Central and South America (limited to US based defendants or other specific type entities)
  • Offshore Africa (limited to US based defendants or other specific type entities)
  • And offshore cases along the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Washington, and California

Not Understanding the Different Maritime Injury Laws Can Hurt You

Another trap an injured worker can fall into is not knowing which set of maritime laws apply to his or her unique injury. In some accident cases, two or three different sets of laws may be applicable with differing filing deadlines and types of recoveries. The injured worker should NEVER blindly trust the insurance adjuster to inform him of his legal rights or when is the filing deadline is due or the required notice deadlines or the dates of the applicable statute of limitations. The different maritime laws that may apply could be The Jones Act, General Maritime Laws, OSCLA, DOHSA, Longshoreman’s & Harbor Worker’s Act, State Worker’s Compensation or other lesser known admiralty laws. It can be very confusing to an injured seaman and for most attorneys unless they practice in the maritime injury field. We can help navigate you through this confusing maze of laws.

Talk to a Maritime Injury Attorney – Free Case Review

If you or a family member has been seriously injured due in an offshore or marine setting on a barge, tug, ship, vessel or rig, then call for a free no fee consultation and find out your rights under the Jones Act and other injury laws. Willis Law Firm is headquartered in Texas but can help clients nationwide. Get 30+ years of Experience on Your Side. Call Today for a Free Consultation at 1-800-883-9858.

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