Want to Know How You Can Wreck Your Jones Act Case?

Injuries come in all different forms, from bone breaks to head trauma. These serious injuries can take a toll on you physically, as well as mentally. In the past, doctors did not place a lot of emphasis on the emotional aspect of coping with a traumatic injury, but things have changed. Physicians and juries now take into account the mental anguish caused by a maritime injury. The good news for injured maritime workers is that they can now recover monetary damages for mental anguish.

The Jones Act is a federal law that protects injured seamen. If you are considered a seaman, this law allows you to collect compensation during your recovery and provides damages for mental anguish, among other things. However, the law is complex when it comes to obtaining these damages. To be eligible for mental anguish damages, you must have been injured by negligence and one of the following took place:

  • You became extremely distressed after being exposed to a hazard that has the potential to cause a life threatening illness
  • You experienced mental pain from an injury
  • An accident put you into a dangerous situation where you were at risk of serious injury

It can be very difficult to collect damages for mental anguish. The law does not allow family members of a seaman who was killed in a maritime accident to obtain this compensation. Also, if you witnessed an accident or death of a co-worker, you are not eligible for mental anguish damages. There are some other exceptions that should be discussed with a Jones Act lawyer.

If you have been injured in a maritime accident, you need to contact an experienced Jones Act attorney. When it comes to filing a Jones Act claim, there are deadlines, so you do not want to delay in seeking legal advice.