Your Rights Under General Maritime Law

If you are injured at sea, there are laws that protect you, including the Jones Act and General Maritime Law. The Jones Act provides compensation for injured workers, but only if they are considered seamen as defined by the law. General Maritime Law is different.

Under General Maritime Law, which encompasses common law remedies for maritime related accidents, injured seamen have additional rights and compensation beyond what is offered by the Jones Act. Plus, General Maritime Law protects injured maritime workers who are not considered seamen under the Jones Act and allows them to recover compensation for their injuries sustained offshore. Family members of workers killed as a result of maritime work are also given legal rights under General Maritime Law.

When an accident occurs offshore, it can be confusing as to which law applies. It is important that the appropriate course of action be taken to ensure a successful outcome to an offshore injury case. That is why you should immediately contact a maritime injury attorney if you have been hurt while working offshore. There are deadlines as to when you can bring an action against a negligent party or file a claim for your injury. If the deadline is missed, you could forfeit your right to compensation.

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