Will I be fired for filing a maritime injury claim?

One of the biggest concerns you may have as an injured maritime worker, is the risk of losing your job if you file an injury claim. After all, the economy is tough and jobs are hard to come by. Even though you are injured, you may be too anxious about your job security to pursue compensation in which you are entitled.

Wrongful termination is against the law when you are protected under state and federal law. It is a violation of the General Maritime Law to fire you after filing a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, maritime employers have been known to fire employees after they have become injured, because they view these workers as a liability and they are no longer able to produce.

If you are concerned about being fired for filing your maritime injury claim, you should talk with an experienced maritime attorney who can go over your options. As an injured seaman, you do have legal rights and can pursue compensation for your injuries. If you are wrongfully terminated, you may be able to get your job back.

For more information, contact our law firm and speak to a maritime injury attorney.