What is a third party lawsuit?

If you are a seaman who was injured while working on a vessel, you may be able to file a third party lawsuit in addition to a Jones Act claim. A third party is basically any person or company that is not your employer. For example, a third party can be a manufacturer or contractor.

It can be confusing knowing when a third party lawsuit applies. An example of a third party claim would be a product liability lawsuit for defective equipment against the manufacturer of that product. Other examples where a third party claim comes in to play is when injuries were caused by negligence or machinery failure that resulted from the actions of a party other than your employer.

There is no question that working in the maritime industry can be dangerous. Every year, countless seamen are the victims of serious injuries, including brain injury, spinal cord damage, back injury and burns. The Jones Act and General Maritime Law allow maritime workers to obtain compensation for their injuries. The settlement from a lawsuit that involves a maritime accident or injury can be substantial.