Offshore Oil Drilling Can Cause Serious Injuries

Offshore workers who drill in deepwater participate in one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Drilling in the ocean with depths of over 5 miles poses challenges and dangers for offshore workers that are unique to other industries. Heavy machinery, explosions, fires, slippery surfaces and chemical exposure are not uncommon on offshore oil rigs.

The Gulf of Mexico is the only area in the United States where oil companies are allowed to drill. The deepwater oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico are believed to hold up to 2.8 billion barrels of hydrocarbons, which is why nearly one-third of the world’s deepwater rigs are active in this area. Oil drillers have to work hard to extricate the oil from sandstone formations that are found 5 miles down into the ocean and then ship the oil 150 miles to land. The work can be strenuous and often results in serious offshore injuries.

Workers on offshore oil rigs have to combat hurricanes, toxic chemicals and strong currents that tug at the drill pipe. They also use heavy equipment that can be difficult to work with and often leads to serious injuries or death.

Injured offshore workers are protected under the law and have the right to collect compensation for their injuries caused by drilling offshore. Contact an offshore injury attorney at our law firm for a free legal consultation.